Friday, 18 March 2011

The time has come to redirect you to my new website,
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Please make yourselves at home where you'll find my design portfolio, as well as my blog under the heading of T E G A N A S H A W R I T E S.

Thank you for your loyal support, your encouragement has meant more to me than you know.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Necklines and vines

Fendi and Gucci take the eyes up and down and all over, like a newspaper. They're visually giving us a party in colours and textures, the block out is carrying on from last season but it's working and translating well into the warmer attire for the northern hemisphere. There's not much that I can criticism when it comes to these two quintessential Milanese design houses. They set the standard for what's to trickle down en masse.

Bally AW 2011

Don't mess with a formula when it's working. That must truly have been Bally's philosophy when they decided to extend their collection to include more clothes and to actually showcase them during fashion week as well. They're famous for their leather goods and that's all well and fine until they've waved their magic wand over the Bally wearer's mind and read exactly what they're after. The pea coats and long skirts are right on trend. There's not much more they could have experimented with for this collection. It's safe but will translate well through the accessories in bally stores worldwide.

Prada AW2011

The silhouettes are stunning, the texture not so breathtaking. There's plastic scales reminiscent of Nemo all over the place, scary stuff. There's not too much for occasion to wear these styles, but the other more subdued pieces take the Prada brand to the masses. Given the coats and woolen pieces are in a pretty standard shape and fabric, they'll become staples in wardrobes worldwide, minus the plastic discs.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

London AW2011

There were elements that stood out from the rest during London Fashion Week.
At Mulberry, they stayed true to their philosophy and gave us quintessential British cool.
Matthew Williamson kept colours bright and provided a very wearable range, nothing out of the ordinary or to write home about.
Top Shop Unique is taking off worldwide, it's wonderful that they've now established themselves on the London Fashion Week Timetable. Always pushing the boundaries, winter in London looks set to thrill.
Christopher Kane looked set to take inspiration from Missoni this season. I'd swear the picture was from the Italian powerhouse, but Kane has adopted it. Perhaps not far enough away from the signature stripes and zigzags that made Missoni famous but still, it shows what's old is new again.
And last but not least, Burberry wasn't exactly all that I expected it to me. There were very European elements that I truly can't see working in Australia but time will only tell. As long as the accessories have legs then the collection will carry through Australian boutiques.

Monday, 21 February 2011

New York Fashion Week Closes

With the creative streak even stronger as the Olsen twins develop their signature range, they've given us a nice little offering between what someone in their 50's might wear and someone in their 20's. There's an incredible spectrum of shapes and silhouettes and it's great to see them playing with proportion with the faux fur cascading around one side of the face. I know I can hear you saying that it's silly and no one one the street would wear it but that's Australia. New Yorkers might. And the French women definitely would. There's more to fashion than pure practicality.
On the other hand, there's Monique L'hullier. She takes every feminine fantasy and whisks it into a delightful soirre of all that is glamorous. There's a stunning wintery feel to this collection that gives it the longevity to stand out in a sea of merely any other range. It's stands apart from the crowd.
She's following in the footsteps of Carolina Herrera, a woman who knows how to adapt her signature classic styles into something relevant for today's savvy shopper. Their her clients and Herrera knows them well. She doesn't necessarily need to advertise, she's got a following all her own.
This week has so far been very exciting. I met the Governor General and my very own website went live. Please check it regularly as this blog will be winding down. By the time Paris Fashion Week graces us with its presence, I'll be writing primarily through the blog on, found under the navigation heading 'tegan asha writes'.
Thank you for your loyalty and I hope you will follow me to where the future lies, always with a smile.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Preen Fall 2011

Blowing all the other options out of the equation, Preen has taken everything they've designed over the past couple of seasons, learned all their mistakes and turned them into gold for what has proven to be their best season yet. This is polished. This is colourful. This gives the shape of a woman the most flattering opportunity to highlight it's best forms, and this, this my dear readers, is very New York.
Again, how to get my hands on this. I know we're in trouble in the retail world in Australia thanks to the wonderful American dollar. But I say for some instances given we're so far away, it's time to snap up the best of the best. It's impossible to comprehend this given we're only in week one of what is four fabulous weeks that always only seem to get better, but ti's true. The standard is set. Stay. Good dog.